Doug Jr.


I have never been the guy take pills or other things but after my back had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk days at a time my doctor had started adding more and more meds.. It had gotten to the point that I could not go a day without them.. I dont even think it was for the pain anymore.. I needed them to function. I had been to Colorado a few time for work and to visit a good friend and one day my pain was so bad that I had a MJ edible and that really helped the pain but I hated the high so I went to bed to sleep it off. A few months later my friends mom recommended CBD so I went to the site and got the softgels so I can take them on the go and it has helped so much, I no longer need the pain meds most of the time and I can move and be more active again. 


Washington DC

CBD drops from HempExtract have been so helpful for my Anxiety. I have never taken a product that I can feel kick in in 15 to 20 min. I can go from being wound so tight I can hardly breath to relaxing out and melting into my chair.. Can say how much it has helping me through very hard days at work. I really think this product had helped me keep my job. 



I have a very hard time getting enough sleep, I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep so it takes an hour to three hours or I wake up between 1 and 2:30am and can not fall back to sleep till 5 when I need to be getting up for work. I have now been taking HempExtracts products for a few months and it helps me relax at night, fall asleep and stay asleep so I get a full nights sleep! 



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