What Does Becoming a Hemp
Extract Distributor Give you?


- Ability to buy all of our CBD products at wholesale prices!

- Ability to drop ship our CBD products to customers, friends and family!

- Ability to send customers to our Facebook Knowledge Group! 

- Ability to Buy 1 bottle or more at a time! 

- Ability to have a CBD website built for you!

- Ability to have your store added to our store locator map!

Heres How It Works!

1. Fill Out Our Wholesale Application
2. We will approve you as a Distributor and email you the Login information.
3. Go to the Distributor Login and use the Login information to Login.
4. Pay $99 For The New Distributor Fee (Waved When You Purchase Over $200 On Your First Time Purchase)
5. Pick Your Products And Place Your Order!

How Can I Use This Section After:

- Buy bottles and have them sent to you.. no minimums!
- Buy bottles and have the shipping info be your customers and we will sent the order direct to them.



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