Assistance Program

Assistance Programs

We at Hemp Extracts want to help anyone we can have access to our products. We have 3 ways that you can get additional help below our already low prices. Military, Low income or Long-term Disability. If you qualify for 1 or more of these 3 areas you will get 30% off any of our products. 

Military or Veterans 

All US military veterans must provide a photo of their VA card, military ID or DD214 to receive 30% off full-price retail orders. This discount only applies to active military or veterans.

Low income

Any American citizen with low income can apply for our assistance program. To apply for low income assistance, please send us a copy of your tax return for the previous year with SS number covered. To qualify your yearly taxes must state that your income is below the federal poverty level. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify please check here.

Long-term Disability

Those who are long-term medically disabled must provide either a certification from a physician or a disability income acceptance letter as proof of disability to receive 30% off full-price retail orders.



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