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We at Hemp Extracts had spent many years with the belief that Cannabis could be used to help people if consumed in the proper context. Fast forward several years and many laws have been passed (Including the 2014 Farm Bill Act.) These have allowed the cultivation and marketing of hemp on US soils through the state agriculture departments. Most states have adopted and put this in place allowing Cannabis – Hemp to be grown, extracted and sold as Hemp Extract tentures, Softgels, Capsules, Vape and Creams. We work with Farms to get Hemp that has been grown and tested at >.3% (federal law) Extract it and use that extract to make all of the products that you will find on this site. We only source hemp that has been grown in the US under organic growing practices. Each of our batches gets set to a lab to be tested so you as a customer knows exactly what is in it. We believe in quality in our products and transparency in our business dealings.
2014 Farm Bill Act.
A few years ago the 2014 Farm Bill was signed into law by former President Obama. Section 7606 of the bill re-established the legal cultivation and marketing of hemp on US soil through state agricultural departments.

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