Become a CBD Wholesaler for National CBD Month!

Become a CBD Wholesaler for National CBD Month!

Did you know that January is National CBD month? Now is a great time to add CBD products to your business to get ready for consumer demand! Let’s learn a little more about the industry and where it’s expected to go: 

The CBD Industry

The industry for CBD might be a newer one, but it’s exploding. When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed to make hemp and hemp CBD federally legal, consumers began to look at CBD. The global CBD market hit $4.6 billion in 2020 which is an incredible growth for only two years after the signing. The market is expected to grow to $13.4 billion by 2028. Obviously there’s a great financial opportunity in CBD, but why else should you sell CBD products?

Benefits of CBD

Many studies have been conducted to show the benefits of CBD. Most commonly, CBD is used to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress without the psychoactive effects of THC. However, CBD benefits also include:  

  • Managing some epilepsy syndromes
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Relieving symptoms of PTSD

Consumers are turning to CBD for help with a variety of health issues. The industry will continue to grow which means more and more manufacturers, but why should you become a Hemp Extracts distributor? 

Benefits of Being a Wholesaler with Hemp Extracts

Great ProductsHemp Extracts CBD Wholesaler

Hemp Extracts offers a variety of products, including CBD oil, gummies, lotions, and even CBD oil for pets! All of these products are tested by a third party lab to ensure efficacy and safety for you and your customers. 

Wholesale Prices

Once you become a distributor with Hemp Extracts, you can buy all of your products at a discounted price! This means that you can benefit from higher profit margins as the CBD industry continues to expand. 


We don’t require minimum order quantities and yes, you hear that right! You have the ability to purchase as little or as much as you need to meet your business needs! This is perfect for new companies that don’t have as much capital or older companies that want to test their customers’ interest first!


Hemp Extracts offers shipping options, including free shipping. But we also can drop ship products straight to your customers! 

Website Help

If you’re a new business just starting out or even an experienced company, our team can help build a website to feature your new products! Our team can help your business standout in the eCommerce industry with the right information and support to make a great website. 

Become a Wholesaler with Hemp Extracts Today!

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